• RELEASE DATE /19 June 2020
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single



I wrote Ahmed sitting on a friend’s porch down at Wye River, VIC, on the Great Ocean Road. I had just read two BBC articles about refugees trying to make their way to England and the hardships and injustices they faced once they arrived there. I was equally blown away and disturbed by both stories. Lyrically, I fused both stories together to create the song Ahmed. The verses tell the story. The chorus on the other hand refers to moron westerners that treat foreigners like shit. I wrote the song around Easter time and I remember at the time some people from my home town (I love my home town but this was so idiotic) posting the dumbest stuff on social media regarding halal Easter options and how they should be boycotted at all costs, so dumb. I thought to myself “you pricks, you’ve got it so good and this is what you choose to bitch about?” So I wrote the chorus directed at them- “Turn off your stupid mind, you’ve got a ticket to be high and when it’s all over, at least you’re allowed to die.” – Bob

Ahmed is a single from the album Judas.