Benny J Ward - Scratch That Itch
  • RELEASE DATE /14 September 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Benny J Ward - Scratch That Itch


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New track from prolific garage rock maestro, Benny J Ward, incoming!

What’s that you’re feeling? You gotta scratch that itch baby!

Coming in at 2.10 this garage pop gem has all the distinctive characteristics of a Benny J Ward number.
Upon first listen, you get that feeling that you’ve just slipped into a well worn boot. It springs, jumps and swaggers along with true BJW Pink House distorto charm.

Maybe you can hear the Buzzcocks fighting with The Shivvers? Maybe you
can feel the grit of the New York subway handrails mixed with Mount Helena’s finest Rosie’s Chicken. Who knows? But there’s definitely something in the water he’s drinking…

Get to it, get down, Scratch That Itch Baby!!