Cannon - Box Cat Blues
  • RELEASE DATE /14 June 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single
Cannon – Comet’s Coming


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After resuming activity after an absence of more than a decade in 2020, Naarm, Melbourne rock trio Cannon return again with Comet’s Coming, their second full-length album in quick succession. While its 2021 predecessor Connexion was a chance for a reunion of good friends and a re-exploration of the explosive chemistry that won the band initial acclaim in the mid-2000s, Comet’s Coming, as the title suggests, is perceivably darker affair, as raw tones soundtrack deeper themes and concepts, telling the trio still have plenty of fresh creativity to explore.

An outlier sonically on Comet’s Coming, is the penultimate “Box Cat Blues” a bouncing pop rock gem in the style of Oz poet laureate Paul Kelly during his ‘and the Messengers’ phase, McIvor stating that the song, “recognises that true love is about allowing people to be themselves”. In an enlightening moment of clarity, it was Mitchy’s cat, Boo, who literally inspired this figurative analogy,” jumping in and out of boxes, not having to prove anything to attain his owner’s adoration other than just being.

Comet’s Coming is out now though Cheersquad Records and Tapes. Cannon launch the album on Friday June 14 at Lulie Tavern with special guest, Al Matcott.