• RELEASE DATE /June, 28 2019
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Limited edition blue vinyl (sold out), black vinyl, digital

* blue vinyl sold out

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For the first time ever, SNOUT on vinyl, who’d a thunk it! Nineties pop maestros SNOUT return from the blue to reissue their classic album ‘Circle High and Wide’ on vinyl and digitally on all the usual platforms on Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Vinyl is available in black and a very Limited Edition Blue (100 albums only).

Snout are an Australian indie rock band who were formed in Melbourne in 1991 and disbanded in 2002. They released numerous recordings & were twice nominated for an ARIA award.

Founded by Ross McLennan in Melbourne in 1991, Snout made their first recorded appearance the following year on a Half A Cow Records compilation, Slice Two. They went on to be a fixture of the Australian indie music scene until their demise in 2002.

The band’s first release in their own right was in 1993 with the Cleans and Brightens EP, through the Au Go Go label. In 1994 they released their debut album, What’s That Sound?
The line up at this time consisted of Ross McLennan (Bass and vocals), Rob Wolf (Guitar and backing vocals) and Hugh Williams (Drums).

Soon after the recording of What’s That Sound?, Rob and Hugh left the band. McLennan recruited Greg Ng for guitar and backing vocal duties. Ng had previously fronted Melbourne shoegaze exponents Afterglow. New drummer, Ewan McCartney had previously performed with Ripe.

This combination recorded the band’s most successful releases; The New Pop Dialogue (1996) and Circle High and Wide (1998).

This lineup remained stable until 1999, when Ng left the band and was replaced by Anthony Paine, of High Pass Filter, who played guitar on the band’s final album, Managing Good Looks (2001). This album was released on W.Minc Productions run by Graham Lee (The Triffids) and Steve Miller (The Moodists). Two tracks featured Rebecca Barnard on backing vocals.

Snout played extensively on the live circuit in Australia, leaving Melbourne regularly to tour in their own right and with other prominent names of the era. They also played festivals such as The Big Day Out, Falls Festival, Sunny Sedgewick, Livid and Meredith Music Festival.

Snout played their final gig in November 2002, in Melbourne at the Rob Roy Hotel, now known as the Workers Club, Fitzroy.

During the 2010 Australian Federal election campaign, Australian Greens candidate Adam Bandt, professed that “I am a fan of jangle-pop bands like Bidston Moss, Underground Lovers, Ross McLennan and Snout,”

Fast forward to 2019 and new Melbourne label Cheersquad Records & Tapes, owned by Snout’s long time booking agent Wally Kempton, are reissuing the album “Circle High & Wide” with a view to reissuing the entire back catalogue over time.

This will be the first time Snout albums have been released on vinyl anywhere in the world.