Patrick Wilson - Coffee Song
  • RELEASE DATE /25 August 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Patrick Wilson - Coffee Song


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Across a collection of well-supported radio singles including “Here Comes Another One”, “Leave My Love”, and the most recent “Medicine”, Naarm journeyman Patrick Wilson has won a contingent of media supporters, contemporaries and fans drawn to his authentic electrified country rock ‘n’ roll.  On his latest “Coffee Song” Wilson again shows that he arrives fully formed as a writer with advanced skill and in possession of the talent required to put it across.

“Coffee Song” is personification for the socially awkward, as Wilson discloses a vom- in-mouth moment on a typically inner North mission for a “night after” reliving caffeinated beverage. The single announces itself via a tumbling overdriven guitar figure that wouldn’t be out of place peeling out of a certain shaky Canadian’s Old Black Les Paul. Wilson narrates deftly around the mundanity of the cafe ritual which is broken in this case by an anxiety freefall in the shape of a ghost from relationships past. In a world of flat white writers, Wilson brews his story double shot, black and strong.

Candidly Wilson shares, “standing in line at a local coffee shop, not feeling particularly great about myself, I peer around the person in front of me and see my ex-partner who I hadn’t seen in years.  Instead of the normal reaction of saying ‘oh hey, how are you going?’ and getting through it, for some reason I just freak out and pretended to look for my keys! I didn’t drive at the time, so I didn’t have any keys on me, but I’m looking anywhere else but at them. So, I turn around and walk straight back out the door, and double over thinking thank God that’s over… in front of a huge window looking into the café, and I just know she saw me do that.”