Elephant Stone - Dawn, Day, Dusk
  • RELEASE DATE /2 May 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Elephant Stone - Bowen Stead
Elephant Stone - Bowen Stead


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Montreal’s Indian inspired, psychedelic rockers Elephant Stone present the evocative deepness of their new micro-EP “Dawn, Day, Dusk” out in Australia and New Zealand, through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Led by the creative force of Rishi Dhir, Elephant Stone boast an acclaimed 5 album career in the Northern Hemisphere, driven by attention to the band via their engaging blend of psych-pop and Indian classical music. Their latest release, “Dawn, Day, Dusk.” draws inspiration from the themes of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, exploring the complexities of human existence, creation, life, and death.

“Dawn, Day, Dusk,” continues a powerful narrative and builds on the success of the band’s previous full-length album, “Hollow,” and their French EP “Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune.” The micro-EP features two tracks: the instrumental “Godstar” and the sprawling “The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World.”

“Godstar” begins with a rumble, a drone, the deep vibrations of a tabla, and the echoes of distant voices, evoking the feeling of a ritualistic ceremony.

“The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World” takes listeners on a journey through innocence and wonder, ego and power, and finally, acceptance and transcendence. Reflecting the philosophical depths of Asimov’s Foundation, the lyrics delve into themes of knowledge, pride, and wisdom.

Elephant Stone have been weaving captivating psych-pop music for over 14 years. With lyrics touching on loss, grief, existential crises, and a world in decay, the band’s music resonates deeply with listeners. The critical and commercial success of their previous LP “Hollow” and the recent 10th-anniversary repress of their classic self-titled sophomore album has solidified Elephant Stone’s standing in the world of music. As they move forward, the band continues to enthral listeners and critics alike, ensuring their messages resonate with audiences around the globe.

“Dawn, Day, Dusk” is available digitally in Australia and New Zealand through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.