David M Western - Pressed Flowers
David M Western - Pressed Flowers by Jeff Anderson Jnr
  • RELEASE DATE /20 October 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally


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“A song for young love. The early stages of a new romance where everything’s perfect and the sun is shining everywhere you go. I felt it was an interesting position to begin this album at; it’s a character introduction, a sort of world building and exposition and sets the listener into all of life’s good and bad twists and turns.” David M Western


‘Pressed Flowers’ is the latest single, from David’s newly released second album ‘On, On & On‘.  ‘On, On & On’ combines many musical genres from indie-folk to alt-country, in it Western spins many styles together that while listening the album may feel like something familiar yet strangely twisted and different. Like a knife stuck in the guts of music you grew up on. Recorded almost entirely live with minimal overdubbing, ‘On, On & On’’ showcases and cements David M Western’s status as one of Australia’s most cutting and exciting young songwriters. Drawing on inspiration from John Prine, Big Thief, Gillian Welch and Daniel Romano, On, On & On’ dares to dream of a glorious future and reflect on a life already lived.


“I wanted to reject old and tired norms in writing the songs for this album. It would’ve been easy to write a ‘poor me’ diatribe, but I wanted to focus on positives in love and heartbreak, and meditate on masculinity and learned behaviour. That’s not to say this album doesn’t contain moments of weakness and poor judgement. I definitely reflect on moments I’m not proud of, but overall the songs take you to a place of gratefulness and forgiveness. That’s what I’m most proud of with this album. I think it showcases a good human sized amount of healthy humility, understanding and humour.” – David M Western