Seawitch - Force
  • RELEASE DATE /29 September 2022
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /digital single


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‘Force’ is the second single from the debut album ‘Well of Spells’ by Australian rock band Seawitch.

Seawitch is fronted by former Def FX lead singer, bestselling author and real-life Witch, Fiona Horne.

Fiona has written fourteen books on Witchcraft, and her song lyrics are inspired by her Craft

“Force is a song about the power inside every individual to transform their lives for the better. When my mind is troubled or my direction in life is unclear, and I’m seeking inner guidance, I write down my concerns about the situation. This song originated from that practice. “On this paper dark and forlorn, the written words are hurting – now they have no form, just letters with no meaning.” Write it down, get it out, ‘cut it away’ and let inspiration arrive. It’s the magick force we all have … ‘Here it comes from the source.’” Fiona Horne

“Musically, Force is plain old simple high energy rock n roll birthed from the roots laid by late Sixties band, MC5. Blend that in with some filthy fuzz from like-minded rock n roll soldiers Thee Hypnotics, and some ghost of Jimi Hendrix, and we are getting close.” Dave (Spiff) Hopkins

The album ‘Well of Spells’ is coming out in October, just in time for Halloween, and can be pre-ordered right now. It is available as a Limited Edition Purple Vinyl (100 copies only), Limited Edition Orange Vinyl (100 copies only), black vinyl, CD and digitally. All vinyl comes with a digital download card. All tracks will also be added to your Bandcamp catalogue.