The Glory Box - Fudgeland
  • RELEASE DATE /4 March 2022
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /limited edition marbled vinyl and digitally
The Glory Box - Fudgeland - fudge vinyl
The Glory Box


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Cheersquad are proud as punch to be able to bring to you, on vinyl for the very first time, the wonderful debut album Fudgeland from 90s Melbourne indie pop band, The Glory Box.

Fudgeland was originally released in 1991 by Shock Records on CD only, but as of now you can get a very special, limited edition, coloured vinyl pressing. There are 150 copies only of this marbled vinyl made from recycled materials, which contains all 11 original tracks. Every record will be totally unique!

The album is also released digitally, with 4 digital bonus tracks which have never been released: two unreleased full band tracks, and two acoustic versions of previously released tracks. The vinyl comes with a download card which includes the bonus tracks as well.

The Glory Box were part of a Melbourne scene that included the likes of Underground Lovers, The Fauves, Ripe, Autohaze and The Killjoys. They were regulars at inner-city venues, including The Punters Club.

The Glory Box nowadays consist of Matthew Aston (vocals), Kieran Doolan (guitar), Will Johnston (guitar), Daniel Haskell (bass) and a young up-and-comer called Richard Andrew on drums filling in for original drummer Rob Caflisch. Get’em while they’re hot!

In 1988, five spotty musical greenhorns who would collectively come to be known, by some, as The Glory Box, aspired to make buzzsaw guitar songs with a pop sensibility, and then release a single. It went well. The band continued to play for 5 years, releasing a number of singles in Australia and the UK, a popular give-away t-shirt, an EP and two long players, garnering national radio airplay and enthusiastic reviews in Australia and overseas.  

The Glory Box had a recognisable sound, even if the songs were diverse in form. This was the consequence of a Frankenstein-like melange of learning how to play, and band member influences including Genesis, The Fall, the soundtrack to Barbarella, AC/DC, The Wedding Present, most Flying Nun label artists, etc. etc. One product of this heady and in some respects malodorous amalgam is 1991s Fudgeland, a collection of GB songs dominated by lovelorn loser lyrics, obtuse references to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, violence……and whatever else fitted into the tunes.

The album was recorded over a sleepless weekend at an opulent recording studio with, from unreliable and distorted memory, at least four million buttons, switches and faders. The studio was really the native domain of FM radio-friendly titans sporting massive mullets. For the indie minnow that was The Glory Box, being there was not so much a case of children let loose in the lolly shop as more akin to handing the keys of the Millennium Falcon to a yak. The resulting Fudgeland LP is an energetic collision of tuneful and, at times with an abrasive edge, mostly noisy guitar-driven songs.  Now reproduced for the first time on fudge-vinyl.