JOHNNY CASINO - Love over fear
  • RELEASE DATE /30 May 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single
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Love Over Fear is the 3rd single from the new Johnny Casino album High Stone.

This song started out its life as a bonus track on the very limited ‘5×7 the days of wine and cola’ singles box set appearing on the bonus CD inside the box. Why was it only a bonus track? It came late to the sessions and the singles had already been decided BUT its life was not to end there!!

Thinking it had to be more than a bonus track Johnny set about recording it again in Philadelphia with the great Philly band St.James and The Apostles. A great tempo and feel from drummer Jeff Castner, a magical bass line from Mike Kiker whom also plays Hammond Organ, after some soulful backing vocals by Jill Snarberg all JC had to do was add some guitars and sing his song!!

Johnny says “A song about realizing that I had spent way too much time buying into some kinda forced media propaganda drama that seemed to be getting shoved down our throats, and all the while just wanting to hear some kinda empathy or compassion or patience or love! Take ya pick. My problem could have been solved very easy by simply turning off the TV or not spending so much time on my mobile phone!! wanting to take a break from all that bullshit and just breathe and close my eyes and drift away………seems so easy to do when I say it like that, but if i did so maybe i would not have written this song?? and i am happy i did write it, as i really dig it! enough to record it twice!”

The beautiful artwork for the single is from a painting by Christine Brignon.

High Stone‘ is available for purchase from Cheersquad Records and Tapes.