Lava Fangs - Sub Auroram
  • RELEASE DATE /24 May 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Recycled 12 inch vinyl and digitally
Lava Fangs - Sub Auroram


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Lava Fangs are a Power Pop/Garage/Surf Punk band from Melbourne, Australia.

Don’t let the sombre cover art and pseudo-intellectual latin title fool you (Sub Auroram means under the dawn; the name of one of the songs on the album), Lava Fangs second album is another HiFi-DIY effort from a band of self-confessed knuckleheads and it’s fun to listen to – and surprisingly musical and mature in places.

For those with a long memory for Melbourne rock and roll, Lava Fangs reunites half of legendary late 1990s/early 2000s hot-rod-punks Fez Perez. Singer/guitarist Stu Manchu and drummer (later singer/multi instrumentalist) Jamie Coghill both had separate musical careers in the intervening 15 years between Jamie’s final Fez Perez gig in 2001 and the formation of Lava Fangs in 2016. Stu spent the naughties and beyond in Sons Of Lee Marvin and Thee Argyles. Jamie co-founded The Devilrock Four and began an entirely solo home recording project The Jimmy C.

Lava Fangs were formed after four musically minded friends got together to make noise and eat snacks at their beloved Collingwood rehearsal space Purple Wayne. In addition to Stu & Jamie, the Fangs comprises of singer/guitarist Drew Horne (who had also been gigging in bands since the late 90s with The Mystaken, Undecided By Default and more) and singer/bassist/they/them Wesley Fahey who settled for making music with guys 10+ years older than them and hadn’t seriously played music since high school.

Their peculiar blend of eclectic genres is a result of all four band members contributing original songs and lead vocals. Their first noisy garage/surf punk collection of original songs was the Black Rain EP released in 2017 and reissued on cassette in 2021. A self produced and self titled full length vinyl LP Lava Fangs followed in 2020, expanding their sound even further including power pop and classic Aussie punk. A live studio album and accompanying YouTube video was recorded and produced during the 2020/2021 COVID19 lockdowns, Lava Fangs Live at Purple Wayne.

Lava Fangs most recent releases are the December 2023 Unclarity EP, and their forthcoming second studio album Sub Auroram, due May 17 2024 through Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Both recorded on 24 track tape at A Secret Location studios with Paul Maybury (Rocket Science/The Pink Tiles) with additional recording, mixing and mastering done by the band throughout 2023.

Lava Fangs continue to make music and snack together and spread their message of love, music & snacking worldwide.