Skyscraper Stan - Let Me Be Frank With You
  • RELEASE DATE /4 October 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Skyscraper Stan - Let Me Be Frank With You


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Acclaimed songwriter Skyscraper Stan returns with his new protest single, “Let Me Be Frank With You”, out now via Cheersquad Records and Tapes.

“Let Me Be Frank With You” is an outstanding addition to Skyscraper Stan’s body of work, and a shining example of why he’s become such a revered songwriter in Australia. Ushered in via a contemplative guitar, Stan’s versatile baritone and sharp observational lyricism are the centrepiece here as he tells a dark story about the political class screwing over workers in the regions who put their faith in them.

“There’s a cultural phenomenon I’ve observed for years, where members of the working classes vote for rich, greedy conservatives who have no interest in anything but bettering their own position,” explains Stan. “Writing a song about that was way too pointy-headed, so I’ve wrapped it in metaphor and made it a tune about small town talk. Look close enough though, and it’s a protest song.”

Antipodean songwriter Skyscraper Stan is a true believer in the power of words. One sentence, massaged just the right way, can be an entire story in and of itself. “I write songs slowly” he says “I think about everything I put down. Every line I sing, you can be sure there’s meaning to it”. Across a career spanning the better part of a decade, two studio albums and countless live performances, he has established himself as one of the more thrilling lyricists working in Australia today. Endless months on the road, “singing for his chips”, observing the lives of people in town and country and putting it all down on paper has sharpened Stan’s songwriting to a fine point.

That said, Stan is more than a poet. His song composition is clever, and often surprising. Hooks and melodic changes creep up on you like a thief in the night. His sound, while familiar, is fresh, new and moving. With influences ranging from Stax era soul through to Melbourne post-punk, Stan and his long time collaborators and backing band, the Commission Flats, bounce through sonic templates with reckless abandon. As one reviewer said “Stan has assembled an album full of so many different sounds, it is like listening to a very good compilation album of various artists. But the songs all fit together like a puzzle, just not a puzzle you would want your kids to put together”.

It’s been a busy year on the touring circuit for Stan. Alongside his own sold out East Coast tour, Stan has supported Cash Savage and the Last Drinks and his swag, charisma and vulnerability charmed on festivals such as Brunswick Music FestivalPort Fairy Folk FestivalCresfestWinter Sounds and more. His work also reached a broader audience when two of his songs featured on the hit TV series Colin From Accounts.