The Hard-Ons - Needles and Pins (sic)
  • RELEASE DATE /4 August 2022
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /pink single, clear teal single, black single, digital single
The Hard-Ons - Needles and Pins (sic) - pink vinyl single
The Hard-Ons - Needles and Pins (sic) - teal vinyl single
The Hard-Ons - Needles and Pins (sic) - black vinyl single


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The Hard-Ons release ‘Needles and Pins (sic)’ on 7” vinyl, taken from their recent album “I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken”, which had unprecedented chart success, and is their first album with new singer Tim Rogers. The B-side features the exclusive non-album trackSpider Tree’ (an out-take from the album).  The ‘Needles & Pins’ 7″ single is released on coloured vinyl as a strictly limited edition of 300: 100 in hot pink, 100 in clear teal and 100 in black vinyl.

Of the new single and video, Hard-Ons co-founder and bass player Ray Ahn has said, The Hard-Ons are in love with the music and beauty of pop. We wanted Mike Foxall, the director, to capture the sentiment and tenderness of the melody – all the while showing some light-hearted humour…” 

Guitarist and fellow co-founder Blackie adds, “People usually scoff (politely Emoji) when I insist we’re a pop band … SEE!!

The energy this band presents is incredible, and Rogers’ adds a new progressive vocal element and a tambourine and hand claps at times. … I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen The Hard-Ons, and they are amazing every time. A great night.” – Punktuation

Sporting new frontman Tim Rogers on vocals, Blackie, Ray and Murray exploded into their signature pedal to the metal thrash punk rock from the get go… There was a bit of back and forth banter, but they were clearly here to do a job – and that was to blow the roof off the Factory – which they proceeded to do… the Hard-Ons are still the Hard-Ons.” – Searching for the Brown Note

Long story short – I’m still reeling. The Hard-Ons have crossed the Rubicon and what they’re doing in Australia is anyone’s guess. Right now they should be out slaying the world, Europe then USA, then South America…   I’ve seen this outfit several times over the years (with a bunch of gaps between) and … this is their most impressive incarnation. The maturity, the simplicity of the songs, the power … all this goes to waste if you don’t have a brilliant front-man.” – I-94Bar