Queenie - Not Divine
  • RELEASE DATE /29 February 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single
Queenie - Not Divine


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Queenie, the trash queen alter-ego of Melbourne musician Eloise Thetford, shares soaring new single and video, ‘Not Divine’ – A bold and fiery song that captures a relationship transitioning from idealised perfection to the raw reality of human imperfections.

Queenie is a fearless performer with her heart on her sleeve. Her new single, ‘Not Divine,’ demonstrates her fiery charisma and emotional depth. As the euphoria of the honeymoon phase fades, ‘Not Divine’ exposes the vulnerabilities and flaws that linger beneath the surface of a once-intense romance. Queenie explains, “It’s a story of being put on a pedestal and idolised in a relationship when really, I’m not some divine being; I’m human. After coming out the other side I realised I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and change someone who didn’t want to be changed. A deeply intense blossoming romance until the cracks began to show.”

Directed by Marcus Coblyn, the accompanying video is full of ethereal nighttime visuals. Wearing her mother’s 80s attire, the video presents Queenie at her most authentic and vulnerable, as she battles against the idolised image imposed upon her. “I wanted to create divine, ethereal, and otherworldly visuals and conclude the clip with a shot of me sitting alone in a cabin – not divine; just a girl with her thoughts.”