Sarah Carroll - The Artist Original
  • RELEASE DATE /23 May 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single
Sarah Carroll - Diamond in the Mine
Sarah Carroll – Diamond in the Mine


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Sarah Carroll’s new album NQR&B, due for release in July 2024, is a collection which celebrates her great loves and her unique life. The Artist Original is the second single from the album and of it Sarah muses, “I dreamed this one; after driving along a snowy road, pulling up outside a beautiful Spanish Mission style pub with those words in big black letters on the front.”

The recording features a cri de coeur steel solo from Leigh Ivin which reflects the heartbreak expressed in the lyrics perfectly.

The single image captures that road trip vibe – a drawing by Sarah’s older son Fenn Wilson at age 12.

Sarah Carroll has performed at most of Australia’s high-profile festivals and a good many of its pubs over a 30 year career, and is noted for her work with GIT, The Pirates Of Beer, Soft Gold, The Left Wing, The Junes and The Cartridge Family. Her songs chime with sincerity and deal largely with her life as a teacher, mother, wife, political animal and touring musician.

Pre-order the album now in limited release vinyl (clear with red smoke), traditional black vinyl, CD with bonus track and digitally!