Skyscraper Stan and The Commission Flats – Strange Things Happen
  • RELEASE DATE /5 April 2024
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Digital single
Skyscraper Stan


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Acclaimed Naarm, Melbourne based singer songwriter Skyscraper Stan returns with Strange Things Happen, the second showing from his forthcoming 3rd studio album due this August through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Skyscraper Stan and his longtime touring band and collaborators the Commission Flats have generated a body of work that has attracted a loyal, and more recently global fanbase drawn to Stan’s easy lyrical style, inventive arrangements and deft genre twists and turns.

With the Sydney Morning Herald calling him “a revelation,” his two previous albums including 2015’s Last Year’s Tune and 2019’s Golden Boy, and between that a live solo album in 2017’s Live at Some Velvet Morning shone a light on Stan’s ability to write concise and accessible narratives in a timeless style, suggesting a writer steeped in the traditions of the classics but looking refresh that sound for the modern era. His global reach extended by the songs “I Fell Over” and “Always Thinking of You” featuring on the first season of the TV series Colin From Accounts, a further tune “21st Century Lullaby” will feature in season 2 of the hit show.

On “Strange Things Happen,” Skyscraper Stan and the Commission Flats explore the minimal sonic space of early 60’s rock, with plenty of air and separation between the instruments, the bouncing soul feel, and crooner styled hook is both playful and infectious. Stan readily admits, “I love a good hook, and this song feels like it has one”. His assumption confirmed by the fact that he gets, “frustrated messages from people saying they are still humming it, days after seeing a show.”

Habitually a writer who takes time to come up with his roots pop gems, Stan says that on this occasion Strange Things Happen, “was one that just fell straight out onto the page.”

Captured live at Head Gap studio in Melbourne’s North Stan feels the Commission Flats “really came together for it,” a fact evident from the very first listen as the backing band play deep in the pocket, nailing an engaged and cohesive feel throughout, effortlessly played, and just as easy to listen to.

He concludes simply by explaining, “it’s a heart-ache song.”

The accompanying music video stars Commission Flats lead guitarist Oskar Herbig as a forlorn zombie in a post-apocalyptic world. Directed by Stan, who cameos as a zombie police officer, it was filmed by Sean Kirkwood in Preston.

Skyscraper Stan and The Commission Flats – Strange Things Happen is out through Cheersquad Records & Tapes on April 5th, 2024