The Silversound - Wolf
  • RELEASE DATE /9 February 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /digital single
The Silversound


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Alert the pack, Wolf is on the loose. Wolf is the second single from The Silversound’s imminent self-titled debut album. Call the fuzz. This ain’t the kinda dog you pat. A lumbering mono-chordal groove with maximum grunt and bad apple sauce.

‘A brutal song for brutal times. Free floating paranoia meets claustrophobic unease, with a lyric that’s maybe just your own internal script. Guitars howl, the bass lurks, and somewhere a drummer bites and won’t let go. Sometimes you eat the wolf, sometimes the wolf eats you.’ – Shane O’Mara

A slithering juggernaut of gurgling guitars and dreamscape lyrics bubbling from Melbourne’s dark underground, The Silversound is a deep psychedelic trip in the melody-rich tradition of rock’s golden age of discovery. Phased and funky, fuzzed-up and freaked out, the road-hardened quartet of Australian fringe identities forged their first sojourn during one of the longest, hardest lockdowns on the planet, smuggling hope and tenderness from the gloom; soaring sitars and sky bound propulsion from the depths of pandemic static. From beefy boogie to rainwater jangle, loopy acoustic echoes to woolly overdrive, The Silversound’s aquaplaning guitars and cyclical grooves will turn your dull grey matter inside out and your 21st century blues to every damn colour under the Fat Old Sun.

The Silversound are Shane O’Mara, Andrew Tanner, Stu Thomas and Leroy Cope. Between them, they have been involved with the icons of the Australian music scene; from Paul Kelly to Rebecca’s Empire, Kim Salmon to Dave Graney, Tim Rogers to Lisa Miller, toured the world and recorded a plethora of albums over the last three decades. Shane O’Mara, maestro guitarist, has played/recorded with Paul Kelly, Tim Rogers, Lisa Miller, Rob Snarski, Chris Wilson and many more. Andrew Tanner (vocals, guitar) is a founding member of Seven Stories and with Leroy Cope (drums) key member of psyche band Sand Pebbles and The Woodland Hunters. Multi-instrumentalist Stu Thomas (bass) is a member of Kim Salmon and the Surrealists, Dave Graney & the Mistly, and he fronts his voodoo surf band The Stu Thomas Paradox. All masters of their craft, they coalesce in The Silversound.

Shane O’Mara : guitars
Andrew Tanner : vocals
Stu Thomas : bass
Leroy Cope : drums