David M Western - Buddy
  • RELEASE DATE /15 June 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
David M Western - Buddy


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Cheersquad Records & Tapes is thrilled to release the new single ‘Buddy’ for Melbourne alt-country bright star David M Western.

Flexing on his developing songcraft and the growing reputation afforded by last year’s debut LP Child Mind, David M Western’s new single “Buddy” is a sure-footed, and rapid re-emergence of an artist ready to access new and exciting levels.

Bringing a heightened sense of sonic identity, of destination, Western’s new music is driven by a fluid realisation and resolve.

Western’s co-producer on “Buddy” Alex O’Gorman aka Gormie (Angie McMahon, Big Smoke), shares that, “I felt the production needed to throttle the listener further back into melancholic worlds to really convey the emotion.” “Buddy” is an expansive and warm audio embrace owed to a close friend’s “struggle to find themselves”.

“I was noticing at the time how many people were saying that their friends ‘can’t see how great they are’”, Western considers on the song’s genesis. “So, I started plotting a song towards that sentiment, of how amazing their lives actually are”.

“Buddy” is a tender-hearted drive across widescreen Americana and country rock, cruise control set tempo, the miles pass easily, eaten up by the wistful penmanship of Western as he flickers with love to thoughts of those friends near and far, of how amazing they don’t know they really are.

Western concludes, “I was after a celebratory style chorus that would sound as if it were a voice message on a friend’s phone or some late night deep and meaningful chat was coming to a climactic declaration of love and adoration. For a friend who just can’t get the idea through their head that they’re already the best”.