Murphnick - Double Agent
  • RELEASE DATE /16 June 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Murphnick - Double Agent


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‘Double Agent’ is the new single and video by Murphnick, the artist formerly known as Nick Murphy, co-founder and former co-singer-songwriter of much-loved Melbourne pop psych outfit The Anyones.

‘Double Agent’ is the second single fromStrange Ride’, a collection of songs heavily influenced by country rock, folk and soul, and referencing the likes of The Byrds, Stones, Beatles, Delfonics, Neil Young, Television and Pavement.

Nick says ‘Double Agent’ was “loosely based on travelling alone through Asia when I was 19, meeting a friend from Denmark and having a ball.” And then it “turned into an espionage story…”

Strange Ride is also the first album Nick has released under his new name. The name change wasn’t something Nick wanted to undertake; it was something he was ultimately forced to do after the artist formerly known as Chet Baker, in 2016, reverted to his birth name, which also happens to be Nick Murphy.

Says our Nick of the name change: “(The other Nick Murphy) originally became Chet because of me. Friends and fans of his were attending my shows, seeing the wrong Nick. His transition back to being NM came with a big publicity push, online and on the street. He was everywhere. Images of him were next to my songs online, and before I knew it, I had been removed from a famous online music platform. My legal options were limited. I was lost to the determinations of dominant search engines, no one could find me.”

Hence, Nick Murphy became Murphnick.

“Nick Murphy is a talented man. He has recorded an album of stunning harmonic depth, divine orchestration and a gentle humanity.” – Toby Martin, Youth Group

“Such great singing and writing and playing. Shit, that’s not easy to do. Of course, it is easy for people to record and so many do but not many have Nick’s talents.” – Dave Graney

“(Murphy) has the melodic and instrumental gifts to match his transistor radio dreams and a voice that is pure enough to sing multiple rings around them” – The Age