David M Western - I'll Never Forgive You
  • RELEASE DATE /27 July 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
David M Western - I'll Never Forgive You


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David M Western offers another preview of his forthcoming second album with “I’ll Never Forgive You”, out July 27th on Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

The immediately compelling “I’ll Never Forgive You” in which Western describes “two flawed people trying their best”, set to an intense, dark and triumphant anthem, is the follow up to the widely supported at radio single “Buddy”, both taken from his forthcoming 2nd album On, On & On which will be out this October on CRT.

Achieving notice with his 2022 debut LP Child Mind, “I’ll Never Forgive You” and its forthcoming parent album finds Western expanding his pallet towards deeper and more critical subject matter.  Buoyed by the exciting and explosive production of co-producer Alex O’Gorman aka Gormie (Angie McMahon, Big Smoke) and the rich musicianship of his band, Western creates new space for concise storytelling and songcraft.

Co-Producer O’Gorman offers that I’ll Never Forgive you is, “unlike the rest of the record, because it has this real dark sadness to it.  I showed Dave a record by Daniel Romano called ‘Sleep Beneath the Willow,’ and I think Dave borrows some of the way he conveys this from DR. I really like the way Dave sounds on this song, kinda like a man who hasn’t got much to lose cos he already lost it.’”

“I’ll Never Forgive You” describes the collapse of a relationship where we often catch ourselves wondering, “not only what was I thinking”, but “what were they thinking as well?”  The contemplation between two ex-lovers wondering how it went so wrong. While there are no answers, it’s compelling to view these former lovers, “standing hand-in-hand staring at wreckage of what they once were.” It’s a combined view he is offering, an equilibrium of perspective.”

Western concludes by adding, “the end of a relationship can so easily be this convoluted, explosive tragedy, I worked a lot of having that reflected through the music. There’s stacks of chords that seem at times totally unrelated or unnecessary, but it fits well within this theme, you get swept up in the emotion of it. Also, this track seems to hit people deeply at shows, and this could be the song I get most asked about, which tells me they’re looking for answers within it. I wrote it not yet having answers, but we read entire novels, great stories hoping that at the end we get answers and guidance, but often they just end at the beginning of another day.”