Persecution Blues - Helluva Ride
  • RELEASE DATE /21 July 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Persecution Blues - Helluva Ride


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“Helluva Ride” the debut single for Melbourne sticky carpet rockers Persecution Blues is out on July 21st through Cheersquad Records and Tapes.

Taken from their upcoming debut LP Downright Dirty, Melbourne’s hardest working teen barroom bruisers unleash a statement of intent. After countless gigs honing their guitar rock action, Persecution Blues launch from the maelstrom, all the cards in their loaded deck showing as they blister through the 3 and a half minutes of their debut single “Helluva Ride”.

Pummeling drums, a hard driving bassline, and the first of many hot licks are peeled all with the first 15 seconds giving radio folks an instant hit of the type of playlist this song belongs to.

As the band describe, “…this is PB’s at full tilt, we are physically unable to gain any more energy, and we cruise at 200km/h into the distance.”

Persecution Blues, featuring Joe O’Mahony, Julian Galgano and brothers Jimi and Elmo Trapani have followed a simple rule; play as many shows as you can and get fkn good. Smashing out as many as three sets a week throughout Melbourne’s inner North, including their home base at the venerable Tote Hotel band room.

In between whittling literally hundreds of notches into their live show belts, Persecution Blues hooked up with Melbourne producer and musician Phil Gionfriddo to bottle the white-hot live sound they had been working so hard to develop.