The Fauves - Faematronic
  • RELEASE DATE /1 September 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available on limited edition clear 12 inch vinyl (110 only), black 12 inch vinyl and digitally
The Fauves - Faematronic
The Fauves - Faematronic


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Enduring Australian quick-wit pop stalwarts The Fauves re-issue their debut album Faemetronic out September 1st, for the first time on vinyl through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

Over 30 years ago the Fauves drove up the Hume Highway to make their first album. Young, straight-backed and optimistic, raised to give up their seats for the elderly on public transport, they quickly fell in with the bohemian Sydney lifestyle.

They decided to call the record Faematronic, after the strange machine in the café down the road from their $50-a-night accommodation in Bondi. Steaming and billowing, it offered a drink altogether more intriguing than mum’s Nescafe, ushering the outer suburban ingenues into a hyper-caffeinated world of late nights in the studio.

Handily equipped with the requisite levels of pretension and vaulting ambition to match their new surrounds, the band quickly recorded the album, equal parts art, rock and pop, wrought with dangerous bits of undergraduate learning; the progenitor of the doomed ArtRockPop movement.

Ultimately, financial exigencies saw the album split into two EPs, The Scissors Within and Tight White Ballhugger, released on that exciting new format, the compact disc – the way they’d be listening to music on Mars. Now released on vinyl by Cheersquad for the first time as it was meant to be heard, Faematronic is an exciting archeological discovery from one of Australia’s greatest and most durable bands.