Soul Movers - Dumb Luck
  • RELEASE DATE /1 September 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available on limited edition fluro green 12 inch vinyl (100 only), limited edition translucent red 12 inch vinyl (100 only), black 12 inch vinyl, CD and digitally
Soul Movers - Dumb Luck
Soul Movers - Dumb Luck
Soul Movers - Dumb Luck
Soul Movers - Dumb Luck


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Fearsomely funky, grippingly groovy, and radiantly retro, The Soul Movers – the lovechild of powerhouse vocalist, Lizzie Mack, and OG-Red-Wiggle, Murray Cook – are all the above, as is the groovy soul, powerful pop, and rockin’ country bump in “Dumb Luck”, their fourth album in over ten years, together.

To put the bling on ‘Dumb Luck’, the ‘Movers returned to many of the mind-blowingly original, hit-making studios they worked in to create 2019’s ‘Bona Fide’ album. 

“It’s pretty hard to resist returning to the mothership,” says Lizzie. “Not only do they have the best backing vocalists anyone has ever heard (for the music we make) but company and VIBE – makes you lift your game. Working on “All Over You” with Al Green’s keyboard player – Rev Charles Hodges – on the same Hammond B3 that is on every single one of Al Green’s records – that got to be the high point of my recording career. Add the world class horns section we worked with on “Real World” in Nashville, and Spencer’s slide guitar on “Broken” – these truly are the best players and most perfect retro sounds around. Making music with these legends not only feeds our own musical souls but keeps the flame of retro musical passion burning bright for future listeners and lovers of this style of music.”

The relaxed approach to recording ‘Dumb Luck’ meant that most vocals are guides that were so right they were kept – wrapped around the many first takes that fills out the album “with every roll of the dice we seemed to pull snake eyes!” Murray said.

Backed by a red-hot band oozing with musical talent, The Soul Movers recorded ‘Dumb Luck’ in both the US and Australia, like they did with their previous albums ‘Testify!’, ‘Bona Fide’ and ‘Evolution’.

The Soul Movers are a musical tour-de-force across a hip and funky retro musical spectrum, recreating the best sounds from the 1960s and 70s, and making them one of the most exciting live show and festival acts on the touring circuit today.

Welcome to a world where even badly broken hearts do mend, good lovers get to love again, the world is still real and decent people are friendly to each other. 


And if your day’s gone bad, may imaginary butterflies kiss the top of your shining head so you can all get happy and lucky again.