JJ McCann Transmission - Hit With Love
  • RELEASE DATE /15 September 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available on limited edition red 12 inch vinyl (100 only), black 12 inch vinyl and digitally
JJ McCann Transmission - Hit With Love
JJ McCann Transmission - Hit With Love


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JJ McCann Transmission – aka James McCann – has a long history in Australian rock circles (in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne) and has had a bunch of releases out in France and Spain. James’ new album – his first under the new JJ McCann Transmission moniker – is called ‘Hit With Love’ and it was produced by Rob Younger of Radio Birdman and the New Christs who produced every second great Australian rock record in the 80s and 90s (Died Pretty, Hard-Ons, Lime Spiders, Celibate Rifles, Hoodoo Gurus etc)  and who more recently produced Civic’s Taken By Force. It is a scorcher.

Songs like ‘Forces at Work’, ‘Don’t Bother Me’, ‘She’s Repatriated’ and ‘Blindsided’ would be at home in the booze stained venues and shagpile carpet sharehouses of Australian inner-city music scenes of yore. ‘Amphibious Skin’ and ‘New Machine’ pack an angular post-punk punch, while ‘Sentimental Crap’ takes a booze and blues-stained axe to misconceived nostalgia.

This is an album that drips with reverence for the past and bursts with passion for the future of rock’n’roll. Get it now and feel the love.