Persecution Blues - Sun Don't Shine
  • RELEASE DATE /31 August 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Persecution Blues - Sun Don't Shine


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Naarm pub rock young-uns Persecution Blues follow up with “Sun Don’t Shine”, another preview from their forthcoming debut LP Downright Dirty out on October 6th and available for pre-order now through Cheersquad Records &Tapes.

A follow up to their recent debut single “Helluva Ride”, “Sun Don’t Shine” is a primitive streetwise strut, its saccharine Kinks style melodic motif processed and battered through dangerous fuzz and youthful intent, as the band combine to call out the casual homophobia they’ve encountered growing up. Favouring raw abandon over clinical precision, Persecution Blues capture a feeling honed on the stages and front bars of their hometown, they are the sound and soul of the tough inner city suburbs manifest.

Persecution Blues’ Elmo Trapani explains that “Sun Don’t Shine” is about, “trying to muster up the courage to accept yourself for who you are and to block all the judgemental bullshit out. It’s an important message about self-acceptance and ignorance in society.

He goes on to explain, “the lyric is alluding to the homophobic slurs we all received growing up. Most of the kids we grew up with were pretty homophobic generally and would use slurs to put people down — especially at the Catholic school we attended. The fact that we played music and didn’t catch on to the latest trends was enough to have some of this homophobia directed towards us. Despite none of us identifying as part of the community, we obviously didn’t have the same views as the ignorant majority, so to hear derogatory language so prominent in our circles didn’t sit too well with us”.

From their spiritual home base at the venerable Melbourne shrine to the dirty riff The Tote, Persecution Blues have grown up in front of a new generation of old school rock fans. The band’s upcoming debut album Downright Dirty is a straight ahead look at modern inner-city life through the eyes of the young. No tomorrow, only tonight, with your best friends, in a pub with beer flowing and riffs cranking, ageless and enthralling.