Elephant Stone - Lost In A Dream
  • RELEASE DATE /9 August 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Elephant Stone - Lost In A Dream


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Rishi Dhir, the creative force behind Elephant Stone, has expertly navigated the psych-pop scene for over 14 years. Their discography, laden with introspective lyrics and transcendent musicality touching on loss, grief, and existential crises, deeply resonates with listeners across the globe. The latest testament to their evocative narrative is the single “Lost In A Dream”.

“Lost In A Dream” invites audiences to immerse themselves in the hypnotic realm of Elephant Stone’s music. With a striking blend of Tame Impala-esque grooves and the melodic craftsmanship reminiscent of Todd Rundgren, Elephant Stone carries listeners into an exploration of dream-like states and blurred realities. Prepare to be entranced by the bewitching melodies and captivating rhythms of this much-anticipated single.

This new single follows their poignant release, “Dawn, Day, Dusk” (released May 2nd, 2023), featuring the tracks “Godstar” and “The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World.” These songs continue Elephant Stone’s narrative journey and showcase the band’s evolving sound, deftly balancing human complexities with introspective themes.

Elephant Stone, featuring Rishi Dhir (vocals, bass, sitar), Miles Dupire (drums), Jason Kent (keys, guitar), and Robbie MacArthur (guitar), has remained unwaveringly dedicated to their distinctive sound. The band recently celebrated the 10th anniversary repress of their self-titled sophomore album, underlining their sustained relevance in the evolving psych-pop scene.

Their acclaimed full-length album “Hollow,” along with the anniversary repress of their sophomore album, has firmly established Elephant Stone’s standing in the music world. As they move forward, their enchanting tunes and profound messages continue to resonate with global audiences, earning them critical and commercial success.

“A hypnotic blend of psych-rock and pop, Elephant Stone’s music is both enchanting and haunting.” – Rolling Stone

“Elephant Stone deftly melds Indian classical music with modern psych-rock, creating a unique and immersive experience.” – NPR

“Elephant Stone’s innovative approach to songwriting and blending of genres has established them as a standout act in the psych-pop scene.” – Consequence of Sound

“Their music is an alluring fusion of traditional Indian sounds and contemporary rock sensibilities – a true sonic adventure.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Elephant Stone’s captivating melodies and evocative lyrics create an atmosphere that is both mesmerizing and thought-provoking.” – Clash Magazine