Soul Movers - Dumb Luck
  • RELEASE DATE /17 August 2023
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /Available digitally
Soul Movers - Dumb Luck by Cameron Moss


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Fearsomely funky, grippingly groovy and radiantly retro, The Soul Movers have unleashed new single ‘Dumb Luck’ ahead of their headline tour.

Featuring much-loved legend, ex-Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, and led by long-legged power-house vocalist, Lizzie Mack, ‘Dumb Luck’ is like all our fave soul-moving, retro sounds have joined us around the campfire to create the heart-warming recipe that makes ‘Dumb Luck’ sound so special and instantly “feeling like home”.

To start with, Muz has hooked into one of his favourite guitarists of all time – the cool licks of the one and only Mr. Keith Richards. It sure sounds like Luke is vibing Charlie on the skins, Lizzie is singing to the wind as she hits the road theme in true Thelma and Louise style, then Marko and Matt baste it all with bluesy piano bar and country rock bass notes – the cowbell and loose backing vocals add for a deeper flavour and put a rollick in the rock and roll of it all.

If this single is an indicator of some of the flavours of the album then we can safely say: “Sign me up for seconds, please!”

Lizzie Mack said, “Charlie Cale is everything a girl is looking for in a hero. As soon as I watched the first few episodes of Pokerface (starring Natasha Leone) I knew I’d found my “Hawaii Five-O” (“Steve and Danno” is a song by Radio Birdman where Deniz Tek – co-founder of The Soul Movers – pays hommage in a similar fashion many decades ago)She’s also bigtime into 1970’s muscle cars, totally fearless in her lifestyle choices and never afraid to call “Bullsh*t! – that’s my kind of road buddy!”.

Murray Cook said, “If this is song about heroes, my guitar hero is Keith Richards, so I was going for a Keith vibe and sound. A classic 1950s Telecaster in open G tuning does the trick. It’s such a comfortable guitar and vibe that this track almost plays itself.”