Super American Eagle - Yes
  • RELEASE DATE /7 July 2022
  • LABEL /Cheersquad Records & Tapes
  • FORMAT /digital single


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FILTHY AND FURIOUS FUN…. Careering down the road like a fully loaded semi without brakes or steering, ‘Yes’ is a sonic eruption, a thundering rampant beast that is salivating and growling with a dark intent. Very satisfying for any soul needing a bit of grit and dirt burning through the ears, it’s filthy and furious and so much fun.” – Backseat Mafia

They’re super because they comprised of The Dandy Warhols’ drummer Brent DeBoer, Courtney Barnett’s long-time drummer Dave Mudie aka solo artist L.A. Mood (on bass), and guitarist Bob Harrow, who has previously played with both Brent and Dave (and for a while Courtney Barnett) in the wonderful psych-country folk-rockers Immigrant Union.

They’re super because they’re called Super American Eagle.

And they’re super because they just freaking-well ARE.

Super American Eagle blast out a heavy hitting fuzzed-charged wall of mind-bending eardrum-blowing sound that is in the ballpark of a bubblegum Black Sabbath and shoegaze ‘Sister Ray’. They get everything fired up, hit it hard, and by the time Bob’s eyes start rolling back into his head, barely visible between the clumps of dank long hair sticking to his face, they’ve found their groove.

Super American Eagle stepped into Melbourne’s clubland earlier this year after coming into existence on a trip to NYC just before COVID. Bob, Dave and Brent (who has been a Melbourne resident for over a decade) traveled from Melbourne to New York for the premier of director Dave Abt’s film Bodega Boys. On this trip they decided to play a show as Immigrant Union, a complete one off in a 3-piece configuration, with Brent on drums, Dave on bass and Bob on guitar / vocals. This was so fun they thought “fuck it, let’s have a crack writing songs in this set up”. Borrowing a name suggested by Courtney Taylor-Taylor to Brent years before, Super American Eagle was born.

Bob Harrow on the single: “From memory ‘YES’ was truly written by all 3 of us. You know how like U2 and Coldplay credit the entire band as writing the songs together? I reckon that’s bullshit sometimes… The guitar riff / bass line and the drums came together and simultaneously the vocal melody and lyrics… then a few weeks later we tracked it and had Sean Latino mix and master it…It would be sick if everything in life was that simple. It probably can be.”